We’re thrilled to share the remarkable progress we’ve achieved in the PSFV Trujillo & Picón project. Our commitment to sustainable energy is translating into tangible advancements as we near the completion of this phase in June 2023. 

In the Picón region, significant milestones have been reached. The installation of structures is now at 100%, with an impressive 90% of modules in place. The culmination of module assembly on July 12th marks a pivotal achievement, propelling us closer to the final stages of this endeavor. 

Furthermore, our relentless dedication is evident in the electromechanical assembly, which is swiftly nearing its conclusion for both plants. This intricate integration of components underscores our commitment to optimizing energy production while embracing renewable resources. 

We extend heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional team members and valued partners for their unwavering dedication. Their collective efforts have been pivotal in propelling us forward.